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Discover the advantages that LigoWave products bring to the wireless world


WNMS is a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network Management System.  A single software solution simplifies a large number of management and monitoring tasks for network administrators. LigoWave’s comprehensive network management system supports several thousands of nodes. Multiple networks may be maintained and monitored using one server. A rich feature set helps to diagnose network problems effectively, visualize networks on a map, perform scheduled firmware upgrades automatically, track states of devices, get failure alerts, and collect statistics. The Web-based system environment supports multi-user accounts. Several administrators may manage different networks on the same server, without having access to each other’s equipment.

The WNMS system architecture allows configuring or performing firmware upgrades on any network infrastructure. Monitored devices can be on a LAN behind a NAT or on a WAN.  The scalable software design is perfectly suited for small and large networks. Rapidly growing networks may be split it into smaller logical groups (smaller networks) and assigned to different administrators. All information about the devices that are monitored (name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware version) is stored on the WNMS server. Information storage in a single place, quick search capabilities, and data export options simplify  inventory management. Each network device can be monitored individually with predefined tracking parameters (standard and custom based on SNMP value). Reported alerts are shown on the WNMS dashboard in real time. The system can notify contacts (via email) when problems arise and when they are resolved. Alert history is stored on the server allowing analysis of failures.


New features in v1.2
In the new version users can find:

  • 3rd party devices support using SWEAP functionality
  • WNMS Mobile support


Windows version
WNMS is compatible with the follwing Windows versions:

  • WindowsXP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows VISTA
  • Windows Server 2008

Windows images can be found in the download section.

Linux version

WNMS is available for Ubuntu or Debian Linux operating systems. For a detailed installation walkthrough look at Quick Install Guide.


Virtual machine version

The virtual image option is not only a simple and quick way to start WNMS on most operating systems, but it also makes it easier to get familiar with WNMS features, test its functionality and even use it for normal network operation. The WNMS virtual image works seamlessly with VMware and VirtualBox. There are two different download mirrors for your convenience in the download section.

Name Size Type
Name Size Type
WNMS quick start guide 4.22MB WNMS Download
WNMS 1.2 for Windows 36.3MB WNMS Download
WNMS virtual image for EU 667.28MB WNMS Download
WNMS virtual image for US NANB WNMS Download

WNMS Cloud

WNMS Cloud is a new carefree way to manage your LigoWave powered wireless networks – now you can get your own dedicated WNMS server up and running in a matter of minutes!

And best of all, a trial account (limited to a maximum of 20 managed devices) is totally FREE with no registration or subscription fees.

CLICK HERE to visit and register on WNMS Cloud website now.
WNMS Cloud
Name Size Type
Name Size Type

WNMS Mobile

Monitor your network using a mobile device

WNMS Mobile

WNMS Mobile is an Android based client application for devices monitored by a WNMS (Wireless Network Management System) server. WNMS Mobile is designed for network operating center coordinators, maintenance staff, and support engineers. It identifies network and node problems and can delegate a responsible person to resolve the issues quickly. This WNMS client program provides mobile convenience and also reduces the company’s operating expense.

WNMS mobile version 1.0 does the following:
  • Lists the availability of networks and devices
  • Marks each device location on a map
  • Registers the devices into WNMS. The application can use the coordinates from the Android device
  • Lists all devices alerts
  • Allows ToDo list for each user
  • Notifies the responsible person through push notification service when a task is assigned, reassigned, completed or rejected
  • Provides flexible data filtering capabilities
Name Size Type
Name Size Type
WNMS Mobile user guide 1007KB WNMS Download


LigoWave's SWEAP application allows monitoring third party devices in the WNMS (Wireless Network Management system).

SWEAP stands for SNMP to WNMS External Agent/Proxy and is a software application that runs independently of WNMS and is able to turn any SNMP-enabled network device into a WNMS-friendly piece of equipment.

CLICK HERE to download SWEAP for Windows
Name Size Type
Name Size Type
SWEAP quick start guide 1.43MB WNMS Download
SWEAP 1.0.2 for Windows NANB WNMS Download


Link path analysis calculator

LigoWave‘s LinkCalc is a link planning tool available online. The link calculator allows equipment users to calculate link performance expectations taking into account geographical information, distance between the units, antenna height and gain, transmit power, and other factors in order to choose the most suitable product available from Ligowave‘s extensive product portfolio. In addition, custom calculations using other vendors’ equipment specs can be used, making the LigoWave link calculator the ultimate link planning tool. This tool is offered free of charge, and users only need to register to get quick and easy access. Each user is able to create a database of links, download link calculations as PDF documents, and publish a hyperlink online so that it could be shared during the evaluation process.

CLICK HERE to try out LinkCalc.
Name Size Type
Name Size Type

Reset tool

The Reset tool is written on Java and allows users to restore devices easily to their default configuration. No special commands are required.

  • Resets all LigoWave products
  • Discovers the devices automatically in the local subnet
  • Displays IP address, MAC address, firmware version
  • Performs reset by one click (requires power-cycle of the device)
  • Has an option to add the device manually
  • Works on Windows, Linux and MAC OS
Name Size Type
Name Size Type
Reset tool application 119KB WNMS Download
Reset tool manual NANB WNMS Download
Reset tool v1.2 (for Windows) 27.92MB Applications Download

Installer APP

Simplifies link installation process

Installer APP

LigoWave's Wireless Installer App is a handy application designed to simplify and speed up the wireless link installation process for engineers working in the field.  It was developed for Android based handheld devices and intended to be used with  LigoWave products however a majority of the available functions can be used with 3rd party equipment as well.

Wireless Installer App provides the following aids:
  • Finding the direction of a remote site / device on a map
  • Showing of the exact location of a remote device using an integrated camera in the phone or tablet
  • Reporting wireless link signal levels as audible signal coming from the handheld device (in a noisy areas a Bluetooth handset is recommended)
  • Measuring link performance throughput and PPS), testing with different packet sizes
  • Configuring basic parameters required for link establishment
  • Multiple options to import the coordinates: WNMS, LinkCalc, Google Earth (kmz file) and manual.
NOTE 1: Wireless Installer App requires Android version 4.0 or newer.

NOTE 2: WNMS server must have HTTPS enabled
Name Size Type
Name Size Type
Wireless Installer APP user guide 2.2MB WNMS Download

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