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Wireless Link Calculator

LinkCalk is LigoWave’s free outdoor link planner and calculator. It allows users to design wireless PTP/PTMP networks using virtual maps, without the need for on-site field surveying or specialized tools.

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3 Easy Steps to Use LinkCalc

When you register and log in to LinkCalc, you are given a selection of several map platforms (Google, Bing, Baidu) and network types (PTP, PTMP, PTMPC) to choose from.

By selecting one, you are redirected to the appropriate map and network mode, where you can input the link locations, device specifications, and other parameters.

Based on these criteria, the wireless link planner then simulates network link data in the form of tables, diagrams, and maps with relevant link information.

Features & Benefits

Multiple Maps

Google, Bing, Baidu

Google Charts Support

Interactive Data Presentation

Location Detection

Simplified Map Navigation

Secured Login

Using User Credentials

Generate PDFs

With Simulated Link Results


Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Advanced Precision

Wide Array of Link Parameters

Adaptive Design

Made for Any Device

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What Customers Think of LinkCalc?

Both we and our partners find LinkCalc very useful. It gives us the opportunity to survey the site before doing a live demo, especially with PTP links. Given how accurate the results are compared to the actual data, we are able to pick out the right products for our client networks.

— Tesan Iletisim AS, Turkey


With LinkCalc, we get instant feedback on a link’s line of sight and a signal reference to ensure perfect alignment. It also allows us to see sector antenna coverage and plan PTMP networks easily and accurately. We can even add link info to our quotes by exporting result PDFs.

— Telcomms SrL, Italy


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