LigoWave strives to deliver the ultimate wireless connectivity solutions, ensuring ease of use, maximum functionality, and long-lasting quality. That is why LigoWave has partnered up with some of the best technological companies that the industry has to offer:

Cloud4Wi are the creators of Volare — the next-generation guest Wi-Fi services platform. It allows small business owners to perform branding on their Wi-Fi network welcome page and to acquire important customer insights through it, thus enabling continual improvement of products/services and customer experience.

Cloud4Wi Volare is fully compatible with NFT devices and the Infinity Controller, expanding upon the data and analytics derived from the software solution.

Panther Applications provide turnkey solution for ISPs. PA’s developed platforms help telecommunications companies, internet service providers, and associated businesses to overcome challenges with broadband provisioning, IP mediation, data retention, and even end user management.

LigoWave wireless access points are not just fully compatible with Panther Application platform, but also offer a unique zero-touch deployment for the ISPs.

HS Network Manager offers a complete Wi-Fi hotspot network management solution for businesses. Their software is dedicated to high-performance scenarios in government and public agencies, educational institutions, hospitality businesses, and transport companies. The HSNM network management system has a number of functions including Wi-Fi monetization, social login, and ad campaigns for your Wi-Fi also in browser injection.

The HS Network Manager is fully compatible with NFT devices and the Infinity Controller and this combination provides a sophisticated Wi-Fi Eco System for enterprises.

AVSystem has developed Linkyfi—a carrier-grade guest Wi-Fi management platform helping venues of all types to improve the overall customer experience. It offers a variety of value-added benefits, such as advanced location services with geofencing, time and location-sensitive analytics, engagement metrics per venue, and an advanced marketing engine, allowing for customer-specific marketing campaigns.
Linkyfi is fully compatible with LigoWave‘s Infinity Controller, thus it can perfectly extend its functionalities and bring the provided services to a new level.

Purple is the guest Wi-Fi management platform as it should be. It provides all of the necessary guest Wi-Fi network marketing tools that a business may ever need: splash pages, logic flows, e-mail & SMS functionality, analytics and insights, location services, content filtering, bandwidth management, and much more.
Purple is completely compatible with LigoWave's Infinity Controller and NFT devices, guaranteeing improved marketing campaigns for businesses and a smooth and enjoyable speedy Wi-Fi connection experience for the customers.

BLACKBX provides a cost-effective guest-Wi-Fi solution for collecting information and targeted marketing. It provides customer insights and analytics, tracks customer visits, performs mapping, and determines popular visiting times, compiles mailing lists and allows automated promotional SMS/E-Mail, a convenient no-password option, and more for all kinds of service-based businesses.
LigoWave’s cutting-edge Infinity Controller and Infinity Series are compatible with the BLACKBX guest Wi-Fi solution.

IUNGO.NETWORK is an innovator of a Wi-Fi concept incorporating blockchain technology. IUNGO has partnered up with LigoWave to develop a global Wi-Fi network and to revolutionize the way people use wireless connectivity on the go.
IUNGO will be implementing LigoWave Infinity wireless access points around the world to power their global wireless network.

Network Optix is a video management platform developer. Network Optix is the team behind NX Witness VMS, an open video management platform designed to find, view, record videos, which provides simplified integration with third party systems, detailed video analytics, and more. LigoWave is cooperating with Network Optix to provide an optimized high-performance set of wireless video surveillance solutions.

Tanaza provides Wi-Fi network management and social hotspot solutions, including Wi-Fi guest access with a captive portal, analytics and insights, remote management, hotspot roaming, and much more for public spaces like coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centers and other businesses. Tanaza and LigoWave offer full compatibility between Tanaza’s software solutions and LigoWave’s NFT series of wireless access points.

Skyfii is a leading provider of Wi-Fi venue analytics and marketing tools. It offers a set of solutions that connect guest Wi-Fi and customer data sources, generate powerful venue, location, and customer analytics, and allow businesses to launch data-driven marketing campaigns.

Skyfii and LigoWave offer full compatibility between Skyfii’s software solutions and LigoWave’s NFT series of wireless access points.