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LigoWave Partner Program

Because Collaboration is Key
The LigoWave Partner Program is multifaceted, providing a wide array of benefits:
marketing benefits

Sales Benefits

The Partner Program offers a collection of sales-oriented advantages. Apart from the Partner Portal, Partners can also register deals for their projects, receive support from LigoWave’s professional Sales Team, and more!

marketing benefits

Marketing Benefits

The Program also provides a handful of marketing-related benefits, such as access to the LigoWave marketing toolkit & regional promotions, direct assistance from the LigoWave’s in-house Marketing Team.

marketing benefits

Technical Support Benefits

As a part of the program, Partners also receive extended technical support. This includes assistance with custom Partner projects, online technical training provided to Partners and their Clients, and personalized technical support.

How can you become a Partner?

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Partner:


Register an Account


Receive a Confirmation Letter


Get Contacted by


You're a Partner.

Partner Program Benefits

Sales Support Partner Portal Technical Support with Projects
(If Applicable)
Deal Registration for Projects
Technical Support Online Technical Training Client Technical Support Marketing Assistance & Toolkit
Pre-Sales Engineer Assistance Access to LigoWave Promotions Certification Training  

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