Follow the steps provided below to upgrade LigoDLB and LigoDLB PRO devices to the NFT firmware.

Step 1. Download the ZIP archive file from the LigoWave Downloads web page for either the LigoDLB 2/5 or the LigoDLB PRO 2/5 series or LigoDLB AC/ PRO AC, whichever you are using at the moment:

Step 2. The archive should contain three files:

  • the main firmware;
  • the default configuration firmware;
  • the ReadME file with upgrade instructions.

Step 3. First of all, upgrade the LigoDLB unit using the main firmware.

Step 4. Upgrade the LigoDLB unit using the default configuration firmware.

Step 5. Reset the device to its default factory settings.

Step 6. Upgrade the device one more time using the same main firmware in order to set up the backup image for dual-boot.

The NFT firmware only has two wireless modes: Access Point and Repeater.
Instructions on how to revert the device from NFT firmware back to LigoDLB can be found in the FAQ.