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New Members in the DLB Family

New Members in the DLB Family

The series of LigoWave devices, best known for its reliability, cost-efficiency, and universality, has been expanded with new products and accessories. Two new devices, one remastered device casing, and one new accessory have been added to the LigoWave arsenal of products:

LigoDLB 5-90ac. The 5-90ac is a universal 90° sector base station made for dependability and functionality-demanding point-to-multipoint scenarios.

LigoDLB 5ac. The 5ac is a PTP/PTMP outdoor wireless device designed for use with external antennas to provide greater range and increased signal strength.

LigoDLB 5-90n. The 5-90 base station was reworked into the DLB 5-90n, thus receiving a new casing in the process.

DLB Wall Mount. LigoWave introduces a new accessory—the DLB Wall Mount, which allows users to mount most DLB devices onto walls with ease and flexibility.

LigoDLB 5-90acLigoDLB 5ac LigoDLB 5-90n LigoDLB WallMount

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