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Infinity Controller & DLB Updates

Infinity Controller & DLB Updates

LigoWave recently rolled out updates to the Infinity Cloud Controller and the LigoDLB series.

Version 1.13.0 of the Infinity Cloud Controller introduces the new alerts system for the LigoDLB series. With it, users will see notifications about various changes in their networks, e.g. whenever devices go offline or if Tx/Rx packet failure rates are too high. Alerts can be customized by switching them on/off, setting different threshold values, and assigning a level of relevance to each alert individually.

A version of the on-premises Infinity Controller is also in the works and will be coming out soon. It is planned to include the newly-introduced alerts for the DLB series as well as DLB and RapidFire monitoring, DLB configuration, and an optional client statistics feature. Users can join beta testing and gain access to the upcoming Controller version. Contact support for more details.

Lastly, the LigoDLB and LigoDLBac series received a firmware upgrade. Besides numerous fixes and improvements, version 7.63 adds a handful of new features like a PPPoE relay agent and IPv6 support between devices and the controller. This firmware version is also needed to make full use of the Infinity Controller alerts feature.

See the release notes and download the latest firmware below:

Infinity Release Notes Get DLB Firmware DLB Release Notes

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