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Cloud Controller & DLB Updated

Cloud Controller & DLB Updated

LigoWave has released updates to the Infinity Cloud Controller and the LigoDLB series firmware.

Infinity Cloud Controller v.1.17.0 is a huge upgrade, introducing a number of major developments like Guest Access v2, now with more time control options, Link Test tool support for DLB networks, Floor Map functionality for NFT networks, support of more than one device operating in AP mode in DLB-based networks, LigoWave 4/6GHz device support, as well as a handful of improvements.

The LigoDLB series got an update of its own in the form of v.7.65, which adds a point-to-point power over Ethernet (PPPoE) intermediate agent, centralized authentication via TACACS+, and improved QoS classification. The update also includes improvements and bug fixes.

Read the detailed release notes below and be sure to download the latest firmware for your LigoDLB devices.


Controller Release Notes DLB Release Notes Download Firmware

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