What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.23 firmware release?
Core Firmware
  • DNSmasq stalling and response to DNS requests stoppage fixed.
  • Spontaneous device reboots fixed for when radio signal quality is very low in G mode.
  • STP fixed on wireless interfaces.
  • Multicast traffic now enabled by default on wireless interfaces.
  • Delay for reading/writing MII registers increased.
  • Various wireless driver improvements.
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.22 firmware release?
Web Interface
  • Products renamed based on the new naming schema.
Core Firmware
  • Various wireless driver fixes.
  • Various Mesh improvements.
  • Denial of Service with specific SNMP requests fixed on certain platforms.
  • Kernel crash in netlink_run_queue() fixed on Xscale platform.
  • RADIUS ‘Class’ Attribute support in AAAD.
  • Watchdog timeout increased from 15s to 45s.
  • Ethernet Driver rewriting small packet TCP headers (when it shouldn’t) fixed on certain platforms.
  • RADIUS client auth./acct. timeout and retry default values increased.
  • Issues with the DHCP lease expiration time fixed.
  • DNSmasq upgraded, which fixes issues when the server stops resolving.
  • Improved bandwidth shaping in AAAD.
  • inadyn-mt dynamic DNS client added.
  • Issues with RCMS agent generating useless debug messages at ‘fatal’ level fixed.
  • ‘acktimeout’ and ‘ctstimeout’ default values changed to 48. Both of them will always be set to the same value, if they are configured, but not equal. The larger of the specified values will be used.
  • New keys for multicast configuration in the netconf section: mcast.<index.>.address, mcast.<index.>.lladdress, allmulti.
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.21 firmware release?
Core Firmware
  • Mesh nodes were freezing after a loop in the mesh topology.
  • Disabled downlink in the configuration of older WILI-MESH versions. Also, uplink disabled.
  • New configuration key mesh.downlink.<index>.kill_delay implemented, which takes control when the mesh node downlink is killed after an uplink disconnection.
  • New configuration key radio.<index>.ani implemented for controlling interference mitigation/ambient noise immunity (ANI).
  • Issues with UAM fixed. The device returned a wrong RADIUS NAS-Port-Id, if the bridge contained more than 256 ports.
  • In the previous version (v5.20), the discovery daemon did not start while the DHCP client was waiting for an IP address.
  • Specifying the maximum wireless data rate did not limit the upper rate when used together with automatic rate mode.
  • New configuration key ulogd.loglevel=[debug,info,notice,err,crit] added.
  • New PPPoE client keys added: pppoe.<index>.persist, pppoe.<index>.holdoff.
  • WILIBOARD occasionally crashed when writing to flash (/etc/persistent).
  • netconf.<inde* implemented.
  • Fixed kernel crash observed while listing channels with wlanconfig in a loop.x>.mtu configuration key.
  • New PPPD configuration options implemented: ppp.<index>.lcp_echo_failure, ppp.<index>.lcp_echo_interval.
  • Issues with devices crashing on some specific radio settings fixed.
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.20 firmware release?
Core Firmware
  • RADIUS MAC authentication implemented.
  • Support of more detailed associated client information in skins.
  • Static bandwidth control (w/o RADIUS).
  • Interface name aliases implemented for easier configuration of RCMS statistics.
  • Issues with station supervision on the bridge not working with multiple AAA daemons on bridge ports fixed.
  • Traffic monitor in skins.
  • AAAD will start even if the client did not get an IP address from the DHCP server.
  • Support of USB 3G modems on WILIBOARD hardware.
  • Troubleshooting support.
  • Remote device recovery on boot.
  • sysconf configuration plugin implemented for Quagga routing suite.
  • Support of multicasts at higher rates.
  • PPPoE support.
  • IGMP snooping.
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.02 firmware release?
Core Firmware
  • G-only (pureg) mode now works with quarter rates.
  • Other wireless driver fixes. The permitted Tx power was too low in some countries.
  • Data rate selection module fixes. Communication is now possible over links with lower link quality.
  • Auto-channel could set the same channel on multiple radios. Now channel selection is randomized if multiple free channels are available.
  • SNMP segfault fixed for when traversing ieee8021paeMIB.
  • Issues with SNMP not responding after doing snmpbulkget with non existing OID fixed.
  • Default accounting interim update interval increased to 5 minutes. Also, interim updates are not sent immediately on client IP address change, but they are delayed.
  • Dynamic VLAN fix: the problem was with multiple clients on different VLANs, but on the same bridge, with only one VLAN being able to access the bridge at any given time.
  • UAM placeholders now support %wanip variable.
  • DHCP relay agent information option (option 82) support.
  • Station supervision daemon now checks for MAC address changes.
  • NTP daemon retries the process of synchronization indefinitely and does not pause the boot sequence for 15 seconds, if the NTP server is not reachable as it was before.
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.01 firmware release
  • BusyBox update to version 1.5.0. This fixes more than 1.5 min. reboot lag on RDAT-81 device.
  • Licensing scheme change. No license time limit.
  • Firmware upgrade shows firmware versions. License check warning added.
  • Support for WILIBOX Firmware Factory implemented.
  • Half/Quarter rates fixed (for ar5414 cards).
  • Multicast-based device discovery from WAN side.
  • Fixed kernel crash observed while listing channels with wlanconfig in a loop.
  • Whitelist/blacklist module fixed. Under some circumstances, it crashed the kernel on x86 hardware.
  • Issues with site survey reporting WPA encrypted APs as using WEP encryption fixed.
  • HTB traffic shaping system fixed. It crashed the kernel under high loads on x86 PC hardware.
  • Compex WP54(AG/G) Ethernet driver freeze fixed.
  • Issues with netconf plugin ignoring interface alias keys fixed.
  • FastFrames, WMM, and FrameBurst enabled in default configurations
What’s new in the LigoMesh  5.00 firmware release?
  • Wireless driver updated. It supports the latest generation of Atheros cards.

  • Half/quarter rate support.
  • 802.11j – 4.9 GHz security/public safety band support.
  • 802.11e – WMM (QoS).
  • 802.11h – spectrum and transmit power management extensions.
  • Atheros super features.
  • 802.11i/RSN/WPA2 pre-authentication support.
  • RCMS agent with network usage statistics.
  • P2P traffic control.
  • WPA supplicant and dropbear SSH server updated.
  • Memory leaks fixed. Possible deadlock situations in AAA daemon code.
  • Potential problems in UAM redirector redird fixed. Some optimizations were made.
  • White/black list handling performance improved.
  • New WDS implementation does not require users to indicate the MAC address of the WDS peer in configuration.