What’s new in Version 5.28 firmware release?

Update 2011-03-01

Web Interface
  • WNMS agent support added (WNMS alerts are not supported!).
  • WDS mode improved: support implemented for connecting to Mikrotik access points with WDS mode enabled.
  • Issues with SSID with spaces in Flex CPE skin fixed. New skin revision 33567.
Core Firmware
  • Issues with maximum pass-trough packet size (1,468 bytes) fixed (packet size increased to 1,800 bytes).
  • Static/Dynamic White/Black List issues fixed.
What’s new in the 5.26 firmware release?
Web Interface
  • “Too strict” text validation fixed, making it difficult to enter values for RTS, ACK, etc.
  • Issues with GMT offset being saved backwards fixed.
  • Issues making users unable to delete default gateway fixed.
Core Firmware
  • Custom SNMP MIBs (RSSI, Associated clients, etc) added.
  • “Wifi stuck beacon” problem fixed.
  • VPN pass-through enabled by default when NAT is enabled.
What’s new in the 5.24 firmware release?
Special notes
  • Firmware version 5.24 was re-released under revision 21677 on November 12, 2008. The changes marked below with (r21677) are only applied in this or later revisions.

This is the first release of the new flex-based skinning architecture. The Adobe Flash plugin is required to view the new UI.

Some key highlights:

  • Much faster navigation through the configuration menus.
  • Higher level of user input validation.
  • Real time statistics updates.
Web Interface
  • New Flex-based web interface (for CPE-2 & CPE-5 products) implemented.
  • MAC addresses displayed on front page.
  • Signal strength displayed in decibel-milliwatts (dBm).
  • Stats disappearances (r21677) fixed.
  • Issues with the skin removing part of the SSID, if the SSID contains spaces, fixed (r21677).
  • Issues with the skin losing encryption passphrases upon refresh fixed (r21677).
  • Friendly name added to the main status page (r21677).
  • IP Validation added (r21677).
  • SNMP configuration  added (r21677).
Core Firmware
  • The issue of idle time being wrong from wlanconfig ath0 list fixed.
  • The issue of bridge mode taking 5 minutes to start working fixed (r21677).
  • Known problem whereby CPE would not connect to an AP using WPA and a hidden SSID fixed (r21677).
Known Issues
  • With DLB CPE-5 products (5GHz): 802.11B/G options are displayed in the drop down menu, but only 802.11A works!
What’s new in the 5.23 firmware release?
Web Interface
  • Issues with the web interface hanging when attempting to open the Configuration tab when in router mode fixed.
  • Issues with strange RSSI values being displayed fixed.
Core Firmware
  • Bug regarding PPPoE not connecting (in CPE-2) fixed.
  • Ethernet lockup issue fixed.
  • DNSmasq stalling and response to DNS requests stoppage fixed.
  • Spontaneous device reboots when radio signal quality is very low in G mode fixed.
  • STP on wireless interfaces fixed.
  • Multicast traffic now enabled by default on wireless interfaces.
  • Delay for reading/writing MII registers increased.
  • Various wireless driver improvements.
What’s new in the 5.22 firmware release?

Initial Release