Que hay de nuevo en la versión 5.28

Actualización 2011-03-01

Interfaz Web
  • Soporte de WNMS (Las alertas de WNMS no están soportadas)
  • Mejoras en modo WDS: soporte a equipos AP de Mikrotik con la opción WDS habilitada.
  • Habilidad para tener SSID con espacios. Nueva caratula revisión 33567.
  • Máximo tamaño de paquetes de 1468 bytes (incremento a paquetes de 1800 bytes)
  • Listas de acceso estática/dinámica y acceso/negación
What’s new in 5.26 firmware release
Web Interface
  • Fixed «too strict» text validation, making it difficult to enter values for RTS, ACK, etc
  • Fixed GMT offset being saved backwards
  • Fixed unable to delete default gateway
Core Firmware
  • Added custom SNMP MIBs (RSSI, Associated clients, etc)
  • Fixed «wifi stuck beacon» problem
  • Enable VPN passthrough by default when NAT is enabled
What’s new in 5.24 firmware release
Special notes
  • Firmware version 5.24 was re-released under revision 21677 on November 12, 2008. The changes marked below with (r21677) are only applied in this revision or later.

This is the first release of the new flex-based skinning architecture. The Adobe Flash plugin is required to view the new UI.

Some key highlights:

  • Much faster navigation through configuration menus
  • Higher level of user input validation
  • Real time statistics updates

Web Interface
  • Implemented new Flex based web interface (for CPE-2 & CPE-5 products)
  • MAC addresses displayed on front page
  • Signal strength displayed in dBm value
  • Fixed stats disappearing (r21677)
  • Fixed skin removing part of SSID if SSID contains spaces (r21677)
  • Fixed skin loses encryption passphrase on refresh (r21677)
  • Added friendly name to main status page (r21677)
  • Added IP Validation (r21677)
  • Added SNMP configuration (r21677)

Core Firmware
  • Fixed idle time is wrong from wlanconfig ath0 list sta
  • Fixed client bridge mode taking 5 minutes to start working (r21677)
  • Fixed known problem where CPE would not connect to AP using WPA and a hidden SSID (r21677)

Known Issues
  • On DLB CPE-5 products (5GHz), 802.11B/G options are displayed in drop down. Only 802.11A will work!
What’s new in 5.23 firmware release
Web Interface
  • Fixed web interface hang when attempting to open Configuration tab when in router mode
  • Fixed strange RSSI values being displayed

Core Firmware
  • Fixed PPPoE not connecting bug (in CPE-2)
  • Fixed Ethernet lockup issue
  • Fixed DNSmasq stalling and stoping responding to DNS requests.
  • Fixed spontaneous device reboots when radio signal quality is very low in G mode.
  • Fixed STP on wireless interfaces
  • Multicast traffic now enabled on wireless interfaces by default
  • Increased delay reading/writing MII registers
  • Various wireless driver improvements
What’s new in 5.22 firmware release

Initial Release