About the Infinity Controller

The Infinity Controller allows easy, simple, and fast network configuration, installation and troubleshooting. All management is carried out through a web browser and can be accessed from a laptop, smartphone, or any other device.

The Infinity Controller mechanism is a self-configuring system that allows users to easily maintain and expand networks. The network management system can be integrated or external:


  • Integrated – the network is managed by a local device (NFT series product acting as the Master AP). This option does not require any additional management hardware or software.
  • External – the network is managed by the Infinity Controller software located on a server. The management software may be put on a cloud or installed in a client’s premises, which can be cloud-based or installed locally.

The table provided below shows the core differences between the Internal and the External controller options:

Integrated External
Network managed by Master AP (local device) Infinity Controller (server)
Feature set Basic Advanced
Network scale Local Global

Note: the Infinity Controller may be located on a cloud or installed on a client’s server.