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Last-mile and backhaul solutions for Internet service providers and operators

Last-mile and backhaul solutions for Internet service providers and operators


A need for connectivity is dramatically growing. Currently there is no or very little cable infrastructure

Reliable connection is becoming difficult to achieve because of noise in the unlicensed band.

Triple-play services demanding high-throughput are a must for service providers to grow.


Variety of devices

LigoWave's product line offers a wide variety of products designed to operate in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint scenarios for various distances, with differing capacities and at price levels that allow appropriate investment for each location.  A choice of unique devices for different scenarios and applications provides end-users with the utmost flexibility.

Proprietary protocols

W-Jet and iPoll maximize the performance of LigoWave’s PTP and PTMP devices even in RF intense environments, to ensure higher bandwidth, higher packet per second rate, and low, stable latency with no distance limitation. Automatic channel selection and automatic transmit power control mechanisms allow avoiding noisy channels and optimizing the RF output power to maximize performance and minimize undesirable noise emissions. The reliability and solid performance of these proprietary protocols ensure service provider success.

Advanced QoS

QoS allows prioritizing real time voice and video data and allows delivering triple play services to the end-users more effectively. Impressive performance results are achieved when QoS is combined with the high packet per second rate on LigoWave devices.

Main applications

Metro Ethernet extensions

Wireless broadband access

Rural connectivity

Leased line replacement

4G small cell backhaul

Indoor and Outdoor Wi - Fi





Case Studies


Extending the coverage of Cyprus Wi – Fi area with LigoWave products.

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iPoll 3 case study

A network with 72 CPEs connected to LigoDLB 5 -90 base-station.

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LigoDLB ac case study

Successful network upgrade with LigoDLB ac devices

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LigoPTP RapidFire Test Report Hungary

20 km performance test by a leading WISP in Hungary, ZNET.

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LigoPTP RapidFire Test Report Austria

One of the first reports of LigoPTP RapidFire performance, provided by WISP SteirerLAN.

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LigoPTP 5-N RapidFire Test Report Italy

6.5 km (4 mi) link with external dual-pol directional dish antennas.

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