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A range of wireless devices delivering Internet connectivity to any type of enterprise in a private or governmental sector

A range of wireless devices delivering Internet connectivity to any type of enterprise in a private or governmental sector


Simplicity in setup and deployment

Demand for improved security

Different types of data distributed over the network

Long distances and high-throughput demand


Powerful OS

The operating system embedded in LigoWave devices is straightforward and intuitive. Each device group has specifically chosen functionality that is necessary for a particular application. The fast and responsive HTML 5 user interface allows accessing wireless equipment not only with a laptop or regular PC, but also with smart phones and tablets. An integrated setup wizard ensures that all the key parameters are selected for devices to connect in the network.
W-Jet and iPoll allow maximizing performance of LigoWave’s PTP and PTMP devices even in RF intense environment ensuring higher bandwidth, higher packet per second rate, low and stable latency with no distance limitation. Automatic channel selection and automatic transmit power control mechanisms allow avoiding noisy channels and optimize the RF output power to maximize performance and minimize undesirable noise coming from the radios.

Advanced QoS

QoS allows prioritizing real time voice and video data and allows delivering triple playservices to the end-users more effectively. Impressive performance results are achieved when QoS is combined with the high packet per second rate on LigoWave devices.

High capacity links

High throughput over long distances can be achieved with high output power coupled with high gain antennas, enabling the transmission of hundreds of megabits over 50+ KM (30+ mile) links.  There are multiple models equipped with professional N-connectors that can be used with a variety of external, high gain antennas to achieve remarkable results.

Main applications

Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi


Remote office connectivity

Private networks

Video surveillance

Data, voice and video services



Case Studies

LigoPTP 5-N RapidFire Test Report

The 24 km (14,9 mi) link test in Mexico

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LigoPTP RapidFire 5 - N Report‚Äč

14,9 km LigoPTP RapidFire 5-N link with external 32 dBi dish antennas.

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LigoPTP UNITY test in Hungary

A 25.3 kilometer link configured using the N-connector models of the UNITY product coupled with 90 cm (32 dBi) dish antennas from Jirous.

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Festival ICT case study

30 Infinity 2N dual-radio access points from LigoWave were used to cover the ground floor of the Festival ICT - B2B event.

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Video surveillance network in China‚Äč

Establishing a pollution monitoring solution for China’s Bureau of Environmental Protection

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