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NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite

Outdoor AP with Integrated Dual-Polarized Sector Antenna

The NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite is an outdoor Wi-Fi access point that incorporates a dual-polarized 90° sector antenna, the 802.11ac technology, and multiple 2.4/5GHz 2×2 MIMO radios, boasting 25dBm of transmit power, to deliver a cost-efficient and professional hotspot solution.

infinity controller

Infinity Controller

The Infinity Controller is an intuitive wireless network management platform available for the NFT, LigoDLB, & LigoPTP series. It lets users install, manage, & expand NFT Wi-Fi networks using features such as automated device onboarding and predefined network scenarios. It also simplifies the way users maintain & monitor their DLB & PTP-based wireless networks. 

Easy Mesh

Easy Mesh is LigoWave’s solution to wireless network coverage expansion and device configuration automation.

The Infinity Controller allows users to set up an Easy Mesh network in a plain and simple way: just have at least one LAN-connected AP, create a new Easy Mesh network, assign devices to it, and you are good to go!

Flexible Management

Infinity provides users flexibility in how they want to manage their networks by offering two more management options on top of the Cloud Controller:

Standalone, designed for small non-centralized networks where each AP is configured separately; & Integrated Controller made for small/medium networks (<50 APs) where one device is operating as the controller, allowing for locally centralized management of your Wi-Fi network.

Guest Access

The Infinity Controller provides Guest Access functionality to all NFT access points. It includes a voucher system, a splash page, insights & analytics, service monetization, & other features. This allows SMBs to ensure safe & reliable Wi-Fi to its clients.

Take advantage of 3 guest access modes:

Free Access

Private Access



LigoWave access points come with an integrated mobile device detection feature. This means that any device within range can be logged using the MAC address and date/time without any user interaction.

The data is exported in real time and can be used to improve the services of an enterprise or managed service provider by importing them into proprietary applications for analytics and insights.


Up to 1.167 Gbps Data Rate
Dual Radio (2x2) design with 802.11ac support
Up to 25dBm radio output power
Integrated Dual Polarized 5GHz/2GHz Sector Antenna (11dBi /9dBi)
IP - 66 Outdoor Ingress Protection Ranking
Flexible Mounting Options
Gigabit Ethernet Port (802.3 af/at)
3kV Line to Ground and 1kV Line-to-Line Surge Protection
Coverage Radius:
200m (656.17 ft)

Ethernet 1: 1000 Base-T
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