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A Professional 5GHz Wireless Device with an Integrated 23dBi Panel Antenna for Short-to-Mid Range PTP Scenarios

LigoPTP 5-23 PRO
LigoPTP 5-23 PRO
LigoPTP 5-23 PRO

LigoPTP 5-23 PRO

220 Mbps capacity
60,000 PPS
4.780 – 6.100 GHz support
High output power 28 dBm (per chain) radio
Integrated 23 dBi directional panel antenna
Powerful OS
W-jet 2  - protocol optimized for point-to-point scenario
External OLED screen for antenna alignment and throughput testing
Weather proof (IP-67 rated) design
Integrated surge protection (IEC standards rated)
Free NMS (WNMS – Wireless Network Management System)
Professional articulating mounting bracket

LigoPTP 5-23 PRO

Name Size Type
LigoPTP 5-23 PRO datasheet
807KB LigoPTP Download
LigoPTP 5-N PRO/5-23 PRO User Guide
2.21MB LigoPTP Download
LigoPTP 5-23 PRO QIG
759KB LigoPTP Download
LigoPTP PRO case study Hungary
1.01MB LigoPTP Download
Wireless in a video surveillance network
377KB DLB Download
LigoWave product overview
5.65MB LigoPTP Download
WiFi4EU fact sheet
89KB DLB Download
EOL LigoPTP 5-23 PRO
303KB LigoPTP Download

Throughput dependency on distance

Distance, km

W-jet 2

A proprietary protocol optimized for PTP links to maximize throughput and packets per second while minimizing latency.

OLED screen

External OLED screen for antenna alignment and link testing.

Professional design

Weather-proof (IP-67) standards rated die-cast aluminum enclosure with an articulating mounting bracket.

Software based QoS


Allows prioritizing mission critical data on the LigoPTP links on L2 and L3.
Surge protector LigoPTP PRO

Carrier grade surge protection

LigoPTP devices have an integrated surge protector made according to IEC standards that is isolated from the main circuitry.

Spectrum analyzer

An integrated GUI tool to check the noise floor of the environment where the link is being installed.

LigoWave OS

The LigoOS is a feature-rich, easy to use and professionally developed operating system made for wireless backhaul equipment. The W-Jet proprietary, wireless transmission protocol maximizes the performance of the powerful radios to maximize capacity and PPS (Packet Per Second rate) while reducing latency to a mimimum. The easy to use interface also has a variety of tools like spectrum analyzer, site survey, antenna alignment, and delayed reboot to make the installation straightforward and fast.

ligo os


WNMS is a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network Management System.  A single software solution simplifies a large number of management and monitoring tasks for the network administrator.

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LigoWave‘s link calculator is a link planning tool available online at

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