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A Shielded CAT 5e Ethernet Cable Designed as Per TIA/EIA-586C.2 with up to 1Gbps of Speed

Outdoor cable

Outdoor cable


LigoWave's Outdoor Cable is designed according to TIA/EIA-586C.2 standards to ensure reliable transmission of data for up to 1 Gbps speeds.


Harsh weather conditions won't deter Outdoor Cable . Tested under extreme climate conditions to ensure reliable and fast data transmission for years.


High quality copper conductors (0.51 mm) ensure reliable and fast data and power transmission even in lengthy applications.


When Outdoor Cable is used with shielded connectors and a grounded PoE adapter (provided with all LigoWave wireless products) Outdoor Cable will help to protect the wireless equipment from ESD (electrostatic discharge) incidents.

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Outdoor cable

Name Size Type
Outdoor cable datasheet
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LigoWave product overview
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Cable structure

Cable structure picture

Shielded Outdoor cable connectors

Shielded Outdoor cable connectors are designed for professional outdoor installations to help reduce ESD incidents. Each connector has a crimp lug for connection of the drain wire.

Shielded RJ-45 connector

Grounding scheme

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