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Point to Multipoint Wireless solutions


Advanced Point to Multipoint Wireless Solutions

Point to multipoint wireless has become the preferred method for establishing telecom connectivity between multiple locations. This communications arrangement has many advantages when it comes to flexibility and cost-effectiveness, but quality of service challenges still remain. LigoWave’s development team recognizes the need for advanced point to multipoint wireless solutions that enable businesses and organizations of all sizes to get the full benefits of high-speed broadband connectivity. Their PTP family of devices meets the industry’s demands for improved equipment that significantly increases point-to-multipoint service quality.



Excellent performance

LigoWave’s PTP point to multipoint devices have already earned a sound reputation for excellent performance and quality of service levels with flexible channel width capability (20 or 40 MHz) and superior proprietary software mechanisms. For example, the LigoPTP 5-23 PRO bridge uses the latest 2x2 MiMo protocol technology to achieve a real aggregate throughput capability of up to 220 Mbps (110 Mbps full-duplex) plus high packets-per-second performance.


Special Features

The LigoPTP 5-23 PRO’s point to multipoint wireless capabilities are bolstered by a number of special features designed to meet the most demanding industry requirements. These features include a very low packet latency (2ms) and impressive spectral efficiency (7.5 bit/ Hz). It can operate with either an integrated dual-polarized antenna or two N-type connectors. It also incorporates the latest security measures and provides a very easy to operate management system. These are just a few of the main LigoPTP 5-23 PRO value-added features that make it a perfect choice for enhanced VOIP backhaul applications and private network operations.

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