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Wireless Hotspot Solutions

Take the faster, easier & more reliable approach to wireless hotspots for SMB Wi-Fi.

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LigoWave Wireless Hotspot Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Applications in

Cafés & Restaurants

Hotels & Hostels

Gyms & Recreational Venues

Airports & Stations

Shops & Retail

Schools & Training Centers

What Are Your Wireless Hotspot Needs?

  • Steady Connectivity

    Got clients in need of a wireless hotspot upgrade to fix constant customer disconnections & poor roaming in their SMB venues?

  • Responsive Support

    Need your wireless hotspot solutions to be backed up by a devoted tech support team in case of questions & troubleshooting?

  • Advanced Security

    Are network security & user safety top priorities in how you do business especially with SMB Wi-Fi hotspot projects?

  • High Performance

    Landed a project that needs powerful Wi-Fi hotspot solutions designed with heavy-traffic SMB venues in mind?

  • Guaranteed Reliability

    In search of wireless hotspot solutions that are fully tested, internationally certified & built to last?

  • Ease of Use

    Looking for Wi-Fi hotspot solutions that save you time & money by simplifying network set up, configuration, & management?

How Can LigoWave Wireless Hotspot Solutions Meet Your Needs?

LigoWave’s got you covered with wireless hotspot solutions for outdoor & indoor SMB applications.

Keep Users Connected

LigoWave wireless hotspot solutions feature multiple dual-band radios with 3×3 MIMO, Simple Roaming & 6 integrated antennas to deliver extended coverage & improved connectivity to over 100 clients per AP.

If in Doubt, Get in Touch

An in-house tech support team is ready to help you by live chat, e-mail & phone with anything from customized network design, setup & maintenance to special training on LigoWave’s wireless hotspots.

Build It Powerful

Wireless hotspot solutions made for multimedia streaming applications & heavy-traffic SMB venues with 802.11ac-based hardware & a 720MHz CPU, delivering up to 1.75Gbps of aggregate throughput.

Ensure Wi-Fi Safety

Security is not an issue with LigoWave wireless hotspot solutions: utilize AES-128 encryption & credential-based logins to keep user data safe & to ensure secure connectivity to the SMB’s public or private Wi-Fi network.

Trust Your Network

IP-rated & surge-protected wireless outdoor hotspot solutions with RMA rates well under 1%, produced at LigoWave’s own manufacturing plant to provide a resilient & reliable solution to outdoor Wi-Fi.

Cut down on Work

Make use of hotspot management software that includes preconfigured scenarios, automated remote setup & guest access functionality, allowing for faster & easier setup & maintenance with up to 10,000 APs per network.

Why Clients Choose LigoWave?

The previous network depended on access points in a small number of units. By choosing NFT 2ac, our budget allowed us to place an access point in each condo [at the Grand Panama Beach Resort]—and with such a large number of APs, network and channel planning is extremely important. We’ve implemented better switching, routing, and network design by using VLANs for each condominium unit, along with private SSIDs and WPA2 keys. The Infinity Controller gave us the flexibility for good channel management and was the prime reason that made this network a success, all of this inside our budget.

Stephen Durr
Networx Solutions Inc.

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Case Studies on LigoWave Wireless Hotspot Solutions

Waldkirch, Germany

Wi-Fi Hotspots in Waldkirch, Germany

Waldkirch, a town in Germany, uses LigoWave’s 5GHz devices for its Wi-Fi hotspot network based on SMS authentication. Locations like the Waldkirch swimming pool, city hall & other public buildings now provide free & unrestricted Internet access to its citizens and town guests.

Telia, Lithuania

Telia Business Wi-Fi Solutions, Lithuania

Telia, a European operator, uses LigoWave access points to provide Wi-Fi hotspot services to SMBs around Lithuania. It serves internet access to businesses & their guests, ensuring there is no compromise to overall bandwidth & network security.



Why Choose LigoWave for Your SMB Wi-Fi Projects?

LigoWave works closely with integrators & WISPs to meet their wireless hotspot needs. As a result, our solutions are used to build extensive networks for the future, all the while keeping things simple to save time & money on setup & maintenance.



  • Cloud-Based Network Management

    Private Cloud / Enterprise Cloud / Premium Cloud

  • Time-Saving & Risk-Free Experience

    Automated Onboarding & Configuration / Predefined Scenarios / Intuitive GUI

  • Dedicated Technical Support

    Reachable by Live Chat, Phone & E-Mail / In-Depth Certification Training

  • End-to-End Solution

    Hardware for backhaul, last-mile, Wi-Fi hotspot, video surveillance & many other scenarios managed with a single software solution—the Infinity Controller.

  • Robust & Reliable Design

    Integrated 4kV Line-to-Ground & 2kV Line-to-Line Surge Protection / IP65 & Upward Rated Ingress Protection


LigoWave Wireless Hotspot Solutions for SMBs Wi-Fi Projects

The NFT Series

NFT 2ac

2.4/5GHz dual-radio (2×2) indoor access points with 3× Ethernet ports

NFT 3ac Lite

High-performance 2.4/5GHz dual-radio (3×3) indoor access points with 2× Ethernet port

NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite

A 2.4/5GHz dual-radio 802.11ac outdoor access point with a 90° sector antenna


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