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NFT software upgrade

NFT software upgrade

LigoWave is announcing a new software release for the Infinity devices and the new features for the Infinity Cloud controller.

New features for the Infinity Software release include:

•    Reset button control option
•    VLAN configuration per Ethernet port for NFT 2ac and NFT 3ac
•    DHCP option 43 to read cloud controller URL
•    Background auto channel
•    Option to enable/disable DHCP IP fallback
•    Stats counters in DAS/Accounting stop message
•    NAS-IP-ADDRESS into radius failover check

The new features for the Infinity Cloud controller:

•    Network scenario selection option when creating a new network (“Office/Home LAN”, “Hotspot”)
•    VLAN configuration per Ethernet port for NFT 2ac and NFT 3ac
•    HotSpot profile tab for global UAM settings configuration
•    WPA2 only selection to network wireless profiles
•    HotSpot welcome URL
•    Option to override HotSpot black/white lists
•    Reset button control option
•    Network group ID

Improvements on Infinity Cloud Controller:

•    The default 2.4GHz channel size is set to 20MHz
•    Removed requirement to set two NTP servers
•    Access point info and wireless clients can be accessed from “Devices” page

See Infinity Controller release notes    Visit Controller page    Get NFT firmware

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