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RapidFire Now Fires Data Even More Rapidly

RapidFire Now Fires Data Even More Rapidly

A new firmware upgrade for the LigoPTP RapidFire has arrived. The updated firmware version includes enhancements to the W-Jet V Proprietary Protocol, the addition of wireless management frame protection, as well as other novelties and improvements.

What’s New?

  • MIMO/SISO Mode control from master device added.

  • Wireless management frame protection added.

  • Additional messages added to log files to indicate incorrect device or link encryption passwords.

  • W-Jet V Proprietary Protocol improvements made.

  • Management SSID generation improved for when device configuration is uploaded from a backup file.

  • Empty maximum data rate input field issue fixed for when changing channel width.

  • Issues with maximum data rate not updating fixed for when changing channel width.

  • Strict QoS Policy prioritization issues fixed.

  • Issues with IP address validation not being performed fixed for when the address starts with a 0.


Download Firmware   Release notes

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