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Easy Mesh on Infinity Cloud controller

Easy Mesh on Infinity Cloud controller

LigoWave is announcing new features for the Infinity Cloud Controller and a software upgrade for NFT devices.

The new features of the Infinity Cloud Controller:

  • New network type—"Easy Mesh"
  • Option to disable VLAN management wirelessly
  • Radius server failover
  • Device scheduling for firmware upgrade
  • Option to add offline devices to queue for a firmware upgrade

‚ÄčImprovements for the Infinity Cloud Controller:

  • Current operating channel added to the Network Channel tab when "Autochannel selected by device" is enabled
  • Improved visualization for radio scheduler
  • Improved network search using Organisation or Group ID
  • Device 'uptime' changed to 'Last Seen' while device is down
  • Wireless clients tab column “MAC” renamed to “Client MAC”
  • Wireless clients tab column “Uptime” renamed to “Session time”
  • Improved FW upgrade notification messages
  • Sorting by device status added
  • Improved validation when deleting Mini Hotspot profile

New features for the Infinity Software release include:

  • New network type support added—"Easy Mesh"
  • MAC address changed from Wireless to Ethernet, which is reported using radius attributes.
  • Andromeda agent debugging improved by adding the option to record agent communication messages onto a file

See Infinity Controller release notes    Visit Controller page    Get NFT firmware


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