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New features on NFT Cloud Controller

New features on NFT Cloud Controller

LigoWave is announcing a new software release for the Infinity products and the new features of the Infinity Cloud Controller.

New features for the Infinity Cloud Controller Include:

  • Management VLAN configuration
  • Traffic shaping per VAP
  • An option allowing to move the device to another network
  • An option to use native device auto-channel instead of controller based one
  • Daily automatic firmware upgrades on schedule
  • An option allowing to make a copy of network config
  • System alerts (SNMP traps) configuration
  • Ability to disable Ethernet LAN ports
  • Device, network and user count limits to network groups
  • Radio on/off scheduling
  • Automatic firmware upgrade when available hidden feature
  • Possibility to select if uploaded firmware will be visible to all users
  • Ability to disable VAP for individual device

New features for the Infinity Soft release include:

  • Added RF schedule
  • Added CLI


See Infinity Controller release notes    Visit Controller page    Get NFT firmware



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