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New Controller & Firmware Upgrades

New Controller & Firmware Upgrades

LigoWave is rolling out another update to the Infinity Cloud Controller, along with upgrades to the NFT, DLB & PTP series firmware.

With the latest version of the controller, users can now kick wireless client devices connected to NFT networks, configure STP in NFT and DLB networks, control parameters like antenna gain on NFT and DLB devices, among other things.

LigoWave is also introducing NFT firmware v7.64, LigoDLB v7.64 and LigoPTP v7.62, adding features like additional remote statistics sending to the Controller (LigoDLB), DHCP option 82 on the access points (LigoDLB), LinkTest support on the Controller (LigoDLB), client isolation from different SSIDs (NFT), and ethernet statistics reporting in the LigoWave controller agent (LigoPTP)

The new controller and firmware also include a number of improvements and fixes.

Note that Infinity Controller v1.16.0 requires the latest device firmware, so be sure to download and upgrade your LigoWave equipment.

Check out detailed release notes and download the latest firmware:

Release Notes Downloads 

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