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Maps on Infinity Cloud Controller

Maps on Infinity Cloud Controller

LigoWave is launching a MAPS feature for the Infinity Cloud Controller and geolocation support for NFT devices. Read about these and other improvements below.

New major features for the Infinity Cloud Controller:

• Geographical maps showing networks and devices (using Google Maps).

• Indication showing the current FW version in the single device configuration section.
• Uploaded FW version check to not allow the same FW version to be uploaded.
• “Cancel upgrade” button removed for when the FW is already updating.
• Additional information/warning when deleting a Network with active devices.
• Confirmation for resetting the device to its default factory settings.
• 2.4GHz spectrum analyser selection option removed for devices that do not support it.
• Automatic FW selection added to the drop down menu for device upgrade.

New features for the Infinity software update:

•  Geolocation support for Google Maps.

•  DTIM period settings adjusted to help with saving battery power for “sleeping” devices.

See Infinity Controller release notes   Visit Controller page    Get NFT firmware

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