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LigoDLB firmware upgrade (v7.55-3)

LigoDLB firmware upgrade (v7.55-3)

The beginning of August marks yet another successful step forward for the LigoDLB series. The latest update adds advanced iPoll 3 settings, frequency range settings for the Spectrum Analyzer, DHCP relay agent in Station Mode, and many more features. Read on to find out what additions and improvements were made.


  • Option to enable OAM packets passthrough.
  • DHCP client renew button.
  • Advanced iPoll 3 parameters settings.
  • Sorting by signal in the Wireless Station List.
  • HTTP link to remote wireless station based on its AP in Status/Wireless Networks Table.
  • CPE firmware version on AP station table.
  • DHCP relay agent in Station Mode.
  • Preamble type selection in advanced wireless settings.
  • Bridge MAC table when operating in Bridge Mode.
  • Option to set the frequency range in the Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Option to control the station via an untagged channel when data VLAN is enabled.
  • Data VLAN functionality in Router Mode.


  • German Regulatory Radio Database updated.
  • Default iPoll 3 settings for 11ac low RSSI clients changed.
  • Multicast echo on AP/Master turned off.

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