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Guest Access on Infinity Controller

Guest Access on Infinity Controller

Guest access has arrived to the Infinity Cloud Controller with the new version 1.14.2. It will allow SMBs such as cafés and small hotels to set up even more user-friendly Wi-Fi for its clientele.

The newly-added guest access functionality offers a variety of features, including free access, where users are greeted by a customizable splash page with an advertisement or the terms of use, private access, which allows to create personal accounts for guest Wi-Fi users; and vouchers—a temporary Wi-Fi access code system that is especially handy for hospitality businesses.

Guest Access is available with NFT firmware version 7.63 or later, so be sure to upgrade your Infinity access points to the latest firmware. (Functionality available on Controller)

See the release notes for more details, download the latest NFT firmware, and check out a brief video overview of Guest Access below.

See Release Notes See Video Overview 


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