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Case Study

Guest Access Case Study

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Jugos del Valle – Santa Clara, a Mexican producer of fruit juices and beverages, & a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company, was hosting a grand opening event in Lagos de Moreno, México. It was a significant event, drawing the attendance of a number of influential people & government officials.


Besides needing a full network solution, the project required infrastructure that was designed for high-density Wi-Fi applications, could cover an area of ~4,000m², would have no issues working in an outdoor industrial environment & would be easy to install to meet strict deadlines.


DLB 5-90, 5-15 & NFT 2ac Outdoor were used for backhaul & Wi-Fi connectivity respectively, paired up with the Infinity Cloud Controller for simplified device setup & guest access. The network was planned to connect up to 350 end devices at once, <100 per AP with roaming. The Infinity Cloud Controller was used for fast & simple set up of devices & the guest access feature.


The network reached ~200 end devices with upwards of 60 clients per AP. The controller allowed for fast deployment, network monitoring & easy client onboarding with the guest access feature & its customized splash screen. Adjusting Tx power allowed for optimum device roaming, while traffic shaping improved performance & client isolation guaranteed added security.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
Let's Talk!

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