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Case Study

LigoPTP RapidFire 6-25

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A LigoWave client set up a 10.78km RapidFire 6-25 PTP link in Astana, Kazakhstan. The master device was placed on a roof of a building in the Orynbor Towers Condominium Complex. Since the master device was installed among buildings, the rooftops made it challenging to ensure full link line of sight. The link was set to operate at 24dBm transmit power with 25dBi gain over the 6.050GHz frequency.


The LigoPTP RapidFire 6-N is a wireless outdoor PTP bridge for long-distance heavy-duty backhaul and industrial networks. It offers a 1.2GHz CPU, a 30dBm radio, IP67 casing, 2.4MHz management radio, and the W-Jet proprietary protocol delivering 700+Mbps of throughput over 200,000+PPS. The 6-N works over the 6GHz band, allowing users to find less-crowded channels, experience zero noise and interference, and reach greater range and throughput.


The RapidFire-based link showed good results despite its long distance and the rooftops obstructing the Fresnel Zone. Signal levels averaged at around –50dBm. The link delivered 243Mbps of throughput over a 40GHz channel using UDP simplex. Over the 80GHz channel, it jumped to 460Mbps using UDP simplex. 6GHz is an optimal alternative to the crowded 5GHz band.


Test results show that the 6GHz band is an ideal alternative to the often overcrowded 5GHz. Not only does it provide the needed conditions for good signal levels and great performance, but it also allows networks to operate at lower Tx parameters, this way reducing self-interference among sites. Besides that, low noise levels also mean longer potential link distance.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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