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Case Study

iPoll 3 Case Study

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Linkfor, a WISP in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, has over 3300 clients, 345 of which are connected using LigoWave. Linkfor was expanding its last-mile network into Volokonovka (a small town with a population of approx. 10,000 people) to provide wireless broadband internet access.


The WISP needed to provide wireless internet access to over 70 houses across a 20km² area, with 40% of clients being as far as 5km away from the base station. The scenario required equipment made to support high CPE counts over short/mid distances, all the while ensuring low latency & stable jitter. A large network also demanded a proprietary wireless network management solution.


Linkfor chose LigoDLB 5-90 & 72× DLB 5-15 as they came equipped with the iPoll protocol—LigoWave’s proprietary solution for extending coverage as well as stabilizing jitter & reducing latency in larger networks. Linkfor also made use of asymmetric downlink/uplink, a handy feature for WISPs. To save time & money on management & monitoring, Linkfor used the Infinity Controller.


The iPoll protocol & hardware-based QoS allowed for efficient use of network resources. In turn, all 72 CPE had no issues staying online & delivering upwards of 55Mbps over a 20MHz channel with as low as 5ms latency. The Infinity Controller provided remote monitoring capabilities by displaying all relevant stats & metrics on one screen. Signal levels ranged from –55dBm to –70dBm.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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