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Carrier Grade Wireless Solutions

Carrier Grade Wireless Solutions

Carrier grade wireless solutions must satisfy the most demanding standards of the telecom industry. For example, telecoms expect equipment fault recovery times of less than 50 milliseconds. In order to meet these exacting performance and reliability requirements Carrier Grade wireless solutions have to be designed and tested very carefully. Ligowave’s broad understanding of carrier grade Wi-Fi and other carrier grade wireless needs enables them to meet these tough design challenges.

Ligowave's LigoPTP RapidFire5 carrier grade wireless bridge provides telecoms with a 5 GHz point-to-point system with exceptional performance and dependability; the LigoPTP delivers 700+ Mbps throughput. Its powerful capabilities ensure smooth operations with support for multiple, capacity-demanding links. Its intuitive interface meets the demands for simple, transparent controls that is easy to use.


Carrier Grade Wireless Service Protection Safeguards

Ligowave takes many extra steps to ensure that all their carrier grade wireless solutions provide extreme reliability. Carriers seeking the most reliable equipment appreciate Ligowave's LigoPTP in-built high availability safeguards. One of these specially-developed design elements is an integrated surge - ESD protection feature. These protective measures meet the IEC standards and the Class 4 requirements.

Custom-made Carrier Grade Wireless

Extensive professional expertise and accumulated industry experience goes into developing LigoPTP Carrier Grade Wireless solutions. This extra effort and knowledge allows Ligowave to produce reliable, high capacity solutions that are attuned to the carriers’ special needs.

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