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Wireless Broadband & Backhaul Solutions for WISPs

Discover a cost-efficient way to deliver high-speed wireless internet access to remote areas.

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Facing Broadband & Backhaul Connectivity Challenges?

  • Distant Locations

    Expanding your broadband networks into hard-to-reach places?

  • Stiff Competition

    Can’t get your foot in the door in certain remote areas due to rival WISPs?

  • Growing Needs

    Need your networks to scale together with the increasing client demands?

  • Limited Budget

    Can’t find financially viable solutions for building internet access in rural areas?

  • Frequency Licensing

    Unlicensed bands too crowded to ensure good local internet services?

How Can LigoWave Solve Your Broadband & Backhaul Problems?


Made for Rural Connectivity

Don’t rely on leased lines of dubious quality in remote areas—build proprietary wireless networks using LigoWave’s IP-rated & surge protected devices made to operate over long distances, water, mountains & protected natural areas. Hardware & RF design are optimized to ensure link stability & reliable performance even under NLOS conditions.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

LigoWave’s wireless solutions come with an ample feature base at an optimal price: everything from simple configuration mode & built-in setup tools to the proprietary Infinity Controller wireless network management platform. This gives WISPs a competitive advantage in offering high-speed internet access at an affordable rate, effectively increasing & speeding up their return on investment.

Provides Power & Scalability

It won’t take long for a town of ten subscribers to reach the hundreds, so future-proofing your network is a must. LigoWave offers an 11ac-based solution that provides more than enough bandwidth capacity for your broadband subscriber base to grow into, all the while allowing for effortless network scalability over a 5+km area with over 70 clients per base station.

Guarantees Fast Returns

It only takes one LigoWave wireless base station to connect up to a hundred clients, reducing equipment & installation expenses & allowing for minimal overall cost per home. Features like built-in setup tools, automated configuration, & a dedicated network controller platform also reduce link setup time from days to hours, effectively speeding up the payback on your investments.

Less Noise & Interference

LigoWave offers 5 & 6GHz solutions equipped with measures to reduce the effects of excess noise. All outdoor devices operate over proprietary protocols that help to avoid close-cluster interference, while the metal housing adds an extra layer of immunity because the enclosure works as a noise deflector. This provides more reliable links in especially noisy unlicensed bands.

Why Choose LigoWave Broadband & Backhaul Solutions for WISPs?

  • Fast Deployment

    Quick returns on investments with innovative mounts, intuitive GUI, centralized management, simple mode, among many other features that save you time & money.

  • Reliable Equipment

    IP-rated housing, surge protection, & proprietary protocols for low latency, stable jitter, & QoS to make sure your wireless links stay up & running no matter what.

  • Customized Solutions

    Tailored features & settings for offering scenario-specific solutions to your clients, available upon request with large-scale network projects.

  • Centralized Control

    Slash operating costs by bringing management, maintenance, & monitoring of LigoWave-based networks onto one platform—the Infinity Cloud Controller.

  • Full Tech Support

    In-house technical support team, available by live chat, e-mail & phone & ready to help with anything from setup & maintenance to specialized training.

  • Project Consulting

    One-on-one consultations with the LigoWave tech support team about the specific details of large-scale network design & optimization.

  • Extended Warranty

    While all LigoWave wireless solutions are covered by a 2-year warranty, users are eligible for an extended warranty determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Top Performance

    Hardware made for bandwidth demanding multimedia applications, e.g. video-on-demand, voice over IP, gaming & mode, in high client count PTMP networks.

Use LigoWave Broadband & Backhaul Solutions for…


Villages & Small Towns

Villages & Small Towns

Rural Connectivity

Rural Connectivity

Island Groups

Island Groups

Remote Areas

Remote Areas

Outer City Industry

Outer City Industry


What Do WISPs Say about LigoWave’s Broadband & Backhaul Solutions?

We chose LigoDLB for a number of reasons & never looked back: low jitter & latency, ensuring stability in heavy-load access points with high throughput; dual-flash memory, which makes damaging firmware virtually impossible; the smart channel width feature that makes all CPE switch & reconnect when the channel size is changed on the base station; effortless upgrade from 11n to 11ac-based hardware; & the exceptional central management & monitoring system—the Infinity Controller.



We chose LigoWave [RapidFire] because its hardware is very reliable, has a robust metallic enclosure with a metallic cable gland, & a proper fuse—the whole system is designed to last long. […] LigoWave is also the only company who has made a complete release of features that we have requested in just a few months.


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Case Studies on LigoWave Broadband & Backhaul Solutions for WISPs

Volokonovka, Russia

Wireless Internet Connectivity in Volokonovka, Russia

Linkfor, a WISP operating in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, built a wireless last-mile broadband network in Volokonovka, a small town with a population of around 10,000. Originally, the network included 72× DLB 5-15 CPE connected to a single DLB 5-90 base station, but was later upgraded to 802.11ac hardware—DLB PRO 5-90-17ac operating as the base station & DLB 5-15ac/5-20ac as client devices. Many of the links extend 3–5km with network traffic totaling 76Mbps in the evenings.


Wireless Backhaul Connectivity in Hungary

ZNET, an internet services provider in Hungary, has over 50 LigoPTP RapidFire 5-N links deployed throughout its nation-wide network, which currently connects over 22,000 customers country-wide, 4,000 of which are businesses. LigoWave‘s RapidFire bridges operate in sections of the network that require under a gigabit of throughput.

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