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Wireless Solutions for CCTV Video Surveillance

Take out the impracticalities of wired video surveillance by going wireless. Contact LigoWave to receive customized solutions for safe, reliable, and high-capacity wireless surveillance infrastructure.

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What Are Your Needs for Wireless Video Surveillance Infrastructure?

  • High-Level Security?

    Security is of the utmost importance when dealing with sensitive video footage, especially when it is accessible electronically.

  • Deployment Simplicity?

    Installation and maintenance should be fast, easy, and unrestricting, allowing you to deploy surveillance equipment quickly, inexpensively, and in any location.

  • On-Par Performance?

    Wireless surveillance infrastructure must live up to the standards of wired solutions: high-capacity with minimized latency and seamless HD streams.

  • Simplified Maintenance?

    Everything from surveillance network configuration to maintenance must be centralized and simplified to minimize downtime and costs.

  • Infrastructural Flexibility?

    It must be easy to modify and expand the wireless surveillance network so as to adapt to the changes in its physical setting and scale.

  • Increased Coverage?

    The deployed equipment must provide a wide area of coverage so as to ensure efficient and structured use of surveillance infrastructure.

What Does LigoWave Offer Regarding Wireless Video Surveillance?

LigoWave offers its expertise and time-tested solutions to meet the multifaceted wireless video surveillance infrastructure needs of its customers:


Ensure exclusive entry to your surveillance channels with multiple layers of security: credential-based access, AES-128 encryption, and management frame protection.


Simplify surveillance network setup with an intuitive GUI, proprietary installation tools, innovative mounting brackets, and PoE functionality.


Bring powerful hardware and activity prioritization into your wireless video surveillance infrastructure for extended capacity, minimized latency, seamless HD/UHD video, and more.


Minimize downtime by optimizing how you maintain your wireless video surveillance network with LigoWave software solutions for centralized management and troubleshooting.


Make use of specialized LigoWave solutions for a variety of surveillance scenarios and without the headache of future-proofing the infrastructural plan.


Take advantage of the extended coverage capabilities of LigoWave equipment and be assured that your video surveillance infrastructure is used effectively and efficiently.

What Do Our Customers Think of Our Surveillance Infrastructure Solutions?

We are pleased with the combined 5-15ac and 5-90-17ac solution as it met all of our requirements: IP ratings fit for industrial conditions, reliability and high performance guaranteed by time-tested hardware and software, and smart internal and external design for quick and easy installation and configuration.

— Pho Noi Industrial Park, Vietnam


We are happy with the upgraded wireless video surveillance infrastructure: the new hardware brought us improved reliability, greater functionality, systems longevity, and cost-efficiency. Now we will be able to keep up security of the key locations around town.

— Municipality in Besançon, France


Interested in how LigoWave’s solutions can help you resolve wireless video surveillance infrastructure issues on your premises? Get in touch with us now!

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Case Studies

Public Surveillance, France

A town near Besançon, France needed to upgrade their video surveillance infrastructure to continue observing several of its key locations. Time-tested LigoDLB 5-20n devices formed the surveillance system, ensuring that all of the main areas are seen in full HD and that all links are stable with next to no downtime.

Industrial Park Surveillance, Vietnam

The Pho Noi Industrial Park in Vietnam required a reliable and cost-efficient video surveillance solution to observe one of its main roads. A combination of DLB 5-90-17ac and 5-15ac were used as the basis for the wireless video surveillance infrastructure, meeting all of the requirements of the industrial park.

Oil Extraction Site Surveillance, China

China Petroleum, one of the biggest oil and gas suppliers in the world, needed a strong and reliable surveillance solution on one of its oil extraction sites. The solution was to build wireless video surveillance infrastructure based on LigoPTMP devices, which guaranteed seamless full HD video streaming 24/7.

Why Choose LigoWave for Your Wireless Video Surveillance Infrastructure?


LigoWave offers a collection of integrated security measures—credential-based access, encryption mechanisms, and management frame protection—making it virtually impossible for anyone to break into your wireless video surveillance infrastructure.


LigoWave makes sure your video surveillance streams remain uninterrupted and always running efficiently with the iPoll & W-Jet proprietary protocols—coordinated data transfer mechanisms that guarantee minimized latency, stabilized jitter, optimized QoS, and more.


LigoWave provides an operating system, integrated tools (LinkCalc, Antenna Alignment, etc.), and a remote management platform (Controller) with its devices—everything you may ever need to easily set up and maintain your wireless video surveillance network.

Interested in how LigoWave’s solutions can help you resolve wireless video surveillance infrastructure issues on your premises? Contact us now!

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