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Wireless Solutions for Traffic Management

Need a better traffic management network solution? Get wireless network gear for real-time traffic management from LigoWave.

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What Are Your Needs for Wireless Video Surveillance Infrastructure?

  • Security

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure must have added security measures, such as data encryption and management frame protection.

  • Reliability

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure must provide increased bandwidth capacity and guarantee no lag in noisy or extreme environments.

  • Capacity

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure must be equipped with proprietary hardware/software to deliver multiple HD/4K streams and mission-critical data concurrently.

  • Simplicity

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure must allow for faster and more effortless deployment with minimal required maintenance compared to wired solutions.

  • Scalability

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure expansion must be more viable in the long run than wired connectivity to fit the ever-changing needs of the city

  • Cost-Efficiency

    Wireless traffic management infrastructure must be designed to fit project budgetary constraints by minimizing costs (such as wiring, etc.).

What Does LigoWave Offer Regarding Traffic Management Infrastructure?

The Ultimate Security


Credential-based access, AES-128 encryption, and management frame protection to secure your wireless infrastructure against various threats.

A Dependable Solution


The iPoll proprietary protocol to ensure a dependable and efficient traffic management network with minimized latency, stabilized jitter, data prioritization, and improved noise immunity.



Wireless performance on-par with wired solutions, allowing up to 60 concurrent links per base station, up to 15km of wireless coverage, and 600+Mbps of throughput.

A Powered-Up Network


Wireless traffic management solutions deployable in virtually any location and offering easy network expansion to scale together with the increasing size and demands of the city.

Simplicity at Its Finest


All-in-one design providing innovative mounting and the necessary proprietary installation tools to minimize infrastructural deployment time and cost.

Fit for Any Budget


Wireless traffic management network solutions that guarantee up to 40% savings compared to wired solutions on top of LigoWave’s optimal price-to-performance device design.

What Do Our Customers Think of Our Traffic Management Infrastructure Solutions?

Pho Noi Industrial Park, Vietnam

We are pleased with the combined 5-15ac and 5-90-17ac solution as it met all of our requirements: IP ratings fit for industrial conditions, reliability and high performance guaranteed by time-tested hardware and software, and smart internal and external design for quick and easy installation and configuration.

— Pho Noi Industrial Park, Vietnam


Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania

We use wireless Wi-Fi solutions to connect the equipment and infrastructure found in our managed parking lots, if there is no feasible way of doing so using wired solutions. Because we needed a solution that would be as reliable and powerful as a wired network, we chose LigoWave wireless devices.

— Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania


Intrigued by LigoWave’s traffic management and video surveillance infrastructure solutions for keeping your streets safe and surveilled? Why not get in touch!

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Case Studies

Industrial Park Traffic Surveillance, Vietnam

Industrial Park Traffic Surveillance, Vietnam

The Pho Noi Industrial Park (Vietnam) needed a cost-efficient and dependable video surveillance infrastructure solution for keeping an eye on the main road going through the park. The wireless surveillance infrastructure was based on DLB 5-90-17ac and 5-15ac wireless devices, which met all of the requirements of the industrial park.

Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania

Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania

Unipark Smart Parking Solutions needed an alternative to wired networking in one of their managed parking lots in order to interconnect the parking equipment. LigoWave provided a set of reliable and powerful wireless devices to meet the demands of the current parking infrastructure and solutions.

Why Choose LigoWave for Your Traffic Management Infrastructure?



LigoWave keeps your traffic management operations secure with a multilayered security solution—encryption mechanisms, management frame protection, and credential-based access.



LigoWave guarantees smooth traffic management data transfer with iPoll & W-Jet—coordinated data transfer mechanisms, ensuring minimized latency, stabilized jitter, and optimized Quality of Service prioritization.



LigoWave provides an all-in-one solution for traffic management infrastructure, including an operating system, integrated tools (LinkCalc, Antenna Alignment, etc.), and a remote management platform with its devices.

In need of traffic management and video surveillance infrastructure to keep the streets safe and under surveillance? Get in touch with us now!

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