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Wifi Solutions for Schools, Universities and Colleges

Meet the Internet needs of your students and staff by providing a safe wireless high-speed connectivity. Get in touch with LigoWave for custom-tailored campus Wi-Fi solutions.

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What Are the Wi-Fi Challenges that Your School, University, & College Faces?

Safety Concerns?

A Wi-Fi solution for education must guarantee information security, especially that of students, staff, and the educational institution.

Resource-Demanding Applications?

A Wi-Fi solution for education must be capable of keeping hundreds of end-devices connected simultaneously.

Universal Coverage?

A Wi-Fi solution for education must provide reliable connectivity throughout the entire campus.

Budget Constraints?

A Wi-Fi solution for education must have an optimal price-to-performance ratio to meet budgetary needs.

Solutions to Wi-Fi in Schools, Universities, & Colleges

LigoWave offers an assortment of Wi-Fi solutions that meet the needs of schools, universities, and colleges:


Infinity provides credential-based protection and AES-128 data encryption, making sure that nobody gets access to the school’s network and data.


Infinity’s cutting-edge hardware ensures optimal data traffic speeds even in crowded locations such as school hallways or cafeterias.


Infinity is equipped with multiple antennas, extending radial coverage to 150 meters, eliminating dead spots, and ensuring reliable connectivity on campus.


The Infinity Series offers optimum price-to-performance Wi-Fi solutions to schools, universities, and colleges on a budget.

What do Educational Institutions think of our products?

“The new [Infinity] access points are super-good: they are cheaper, have cloud-based management, do not need a license, and work just as well as the comparatively more expensive high-end licensed solutions.”

—Gram Extracurricular School


“[After the upgrade] the school was back online sooner than expected and with a 5× faster Wi-Fi network. We were especially pleased with the new management solution—the cloud-based Infinity Controller—which does not require physical maintenance or expensive licenses.”

—Kolding Success School



Interested in how LigoWave’s solutions can help you resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues at your school, university, or college? Get in touch with us now!

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Case Studies

Gram Extracurricular School

The Gram Extracurricular School (Denmark) needed to upgrade the network to a newer and more efficient solution so as to scale with the growth of the school and its Wi-Fi needs. It is now home to a sizable set of NFT 2ac access points for their ample capacity, cloud-based management platform, and cost-efficiency.

Kolding Success School

The Kolding Success School (Denmark) wanted a simpler and stronger solution to Wi-Fi to fit the school’s growing demand for connectivity. The solution was to replace all of the existing devices with Infinity Access Points because of the cloud-based management platform and the increased throughput.

Why Choose LigoWave for Your School, University, or College?


Data protection is key, especially in educational institutions with high network activity. That is why LigoWave has implemented encryption mechanisms and credential-based protection to ensure the data safety of your school, university, or college.


Given how heavy data traffic can get at schools, reliable Wi-Fi that will not break under pressure is a must. LigoWave offers Wi-Fi access points that support 50–60 concurrent clients per device without compromise to the quality of the connection.


Simplify how you do Wi-Fi at your school, university, or college. Infinity Wi-Fi access points are made with an easy-to-use all-in-one design, requiring next to no setup or upkeep—ideal for educational institutions on a budget.

Want to find out how LigoWave’s solutions can help you resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues at your school, university, or college? Get in touch with us now!

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