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Wireless Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

PTP/PTMP network infrastructure that meets the needs of the world's largest industry.
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What Are Your Oil & Gas Network Project Needs?

  • Extended Range

    Maximizing wireless range in order to cover expansive oil & gas sites?

  • Extremely Resilient

    In need of equipment that withstands extreme environmental conditions?

  • Optimized Performance

    Searching for solutions made with capacity-demanding applications in mind?

  • Increased Productivity

    One of the project’s goals is better operational productivity & security?

  • Remote Connectivity

    Linking multiple oil or gas extraction & processing sites in hard-to-reach locations?

How Does LigoWave Meet the Network Needs of the Oil & Gas Industry?


Made for Demanding Scenarios

All LigoWave outdoor devices are equipped with iPoll/W-Jet proprietary protocols. By using smart polling, they minimize latency, stabilize jitter & optimize data transfer, effectively improving link stability, extending range & increasing concurrent CPE counts. This translates to over 20km2 of optimum connectivity per base station, covering a number of oil/gas extraction sites.

Solutions Built to Last

Weather conditions like extreme heat, high humidity & strong winds pose zero risk to LigoWave-based networks in oil/gas sites. The waterproof & dust-tight IP65–67 housing is made from non-corrosive & non-yellowing materials & the small form-factor device is equipped with 2kV line-to-line/4kV line-to-ground surge protection, making LigoWave extremely resilient to the elements.

Offering Extensive Functionality

An ample proprietary feature base is at your disposal: the LigoWave OS intuitive device GUI with a simplified configuration mode, over-the-air deployment using the setup wizard & built-in tools, as well as the Infinity Controller centralized end-to-end control & management platform. Save time, energy & money, minimize project costs, & pass on the savings to your clients.

Providing Better Results

The flexible design of LigoWave solutions lets oil & gas sites set up versatile networks to support supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) systems, localized Internet of Things (IoT), on-premises video surveillance, wireless communications services & internet access. This, in turn, improves operational productivity, efficiency, safety & security—all with just one network solution.

Connecting Distant Locations

LigoWave connects hard-to-reach areas that standard equipment cannot. Its proprietary hardware is made for operation over long distances, water & mountains, with an RF design optimized for stable performance even under NLOS conditions. It also offers flexible power options: high-voltage AC, power over Ethernet, solar panel & power pack setups.

Why Choose LigoWave Wireless Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry Projects?

  • Fast Deployment

    Innovative mounts, intuitive GUI, centralized management, simple configuration & many other features to save time & money on setup, thus ensuring rapid ROI.

  • Robust Hardware

    IP65–67 casing, EN 61000 4–5 surge protection, hardware-based QoS & proprietary protocols ensuring low latency & stable jitter for solid wireless performance.

  • Versatile Networking

    Multifaceted network solutions allowing for concurrent SCADA, localized IoT, surveillance, VoIP & internet access services in high client device count networks.

  • Customizability

    Features & settings tailored for specific applications. Available upon request with large-scale network projects.

  • Centralization

    The Infinity Cloud Controller—LigoWave’s solution to bringing together setup, management, maintenance & monitoring of LigoWave-based networks into one place.

  • Complete Support

    LigoWave’s in-house tech support team is ready to help you with everything from network design to certification training & is available over live chat, e-mail & phone.

  • Project Consulting

    Private consultations with LigoWave’s technical team regarding the design & optimization of your large-scale networks.

  • Extended Warranty

    All LigoWave solutions come with a 2-year warranty & can be extended upon request determined on a case-by-case basis.

LigoWave Made for a Variety of Up, Mid & Downstream Oil & Gas Applications:


SCADA Control

SCADA Control

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Voice Communication

Voice Communication

Localized IoT

Localized IoT

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Connectivity


What Do Clients Say about LigoWave Wireless Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry?

We sought to reinforce the security measures found in our mining site in Lepanto, the Philippines. LigoWave delivered a solution that was a true upgrade to the existing infrastructure: it ensured compatibility & increased operational efficiency, eliminated issues with the surrounding mountainous area & kept installation & infrastructural costs at a minimum. As a result, data & voice backhaul, internet sharing & CCTV was set up to the benefit of our 1,000 employees.

Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company

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Case Studies on LigoWave Wireless Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

PTMP Surveillance Network for China Petroleum
China Petroleum—one of the largest oil & gas suppliers in the world—deployed 1080p HD video surveillance cameras based on LigoPTMP equipment. It delivered smooth video streams from 10+ cameras spread across a 2–4km distance, aggregating to ~35Mbps of throughput. Proprietary tech & rugged housing ensured the links stay up & running despite the industrial environment.

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