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Wireless Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Video, Voice & Data Connectivity Solutions Made for Rapid & Easy Deployment in Emergency Situations

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What Are Your Wireless Solution Needs for Disaster Recovery?

  • Rapid Setup

    Emergency situations are a race against time, which is why rapid deployment is key to swift recovery from a disaster.

  • Resilience

    Preparing for a disaster is half the battle—it’s important to build strong infrastructure to withstand its effects.

  • Reliability

    When disaster strikes, relief teams coordinate efforts tirelessly, requiring infrastructure that offers solid connectivity.

  • Flexibility

    Disaster conditions may vary greatly & change rapidly, so relief efforts must be able to adapt quickly & effortlessly.

How Can LigoWave Meet Your Wireless Solution Needs for Disaster Recovery?

Improve Response Time

Cut down on overall disaster response time, providing the needed relief & communications faster. LigoWave offers a ready-to-roll out solution with automated provisioning & preset scenarios, built-in device setup tools & a centralized end-to-end controller for reducing the time & effort required to configure, manage & monitor disaster relief communications & infrastructure.

Build Networks to Last

Make sure communications stay up & running when they’re needed the most: IP65–67 housing (non-yellowing, non-corrosive metal or plastic), class 4 integrated surge protection & GORE© protective vents to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as the iPoll/W-Jet proprietary protocols, ATPC & adaptive modulation to optimize link quality for max throughput & stability.

Ensure Solid Connectivity

In a disaster, reliable communications are a must for first responders, aid workers & those affected. That’s why LigoWave comes pre-tested, quality-assured & with an extended warranty, providing dependable connectivity. iPoll/W-Jet protocols optimize performance, ensuring link stability, while the Infinity Controller enables alerts, allowing you to react to changes in the network at once.

Adapt to Conditions

LigoWave offers flexible ad hoc wireless solutions for disaster recovery: scalable network design paired up with features like automatic Tx power control & channel selection to get rid of issues caused by rapidly changing environmental conditions, as well as innovative mounting brackets & multiple power options providing flexibility to where & how the infrastructure is deployed.

Why Do Disaster Recovery Projects Use LigoWave Wireless Solutions?

  • Fast Deployment

    Automated provisioning, preset scenarios, built-in setup tools & centralized end-to-end management ensure a rapid response to disaster & recovery from it.

  • Robust Hardware

    IP65–67 casing, class 4 EN 61000 4–5 surge protection, GORE© protective vents & iPoll/W-Jet protocols, providing first responders & those affected with reliable communications.

  • High Performance

    Effective use of network resources powered by proprietary polling mechanisms & hardware-based quality of service, resulting in greater data transfer capacity.

  • Multimedia Networking

    Multipurpose wireless allowing for simultaneous video surveillance, VoIP communication, emergency Wi-Fi & localized IoT applications in disaster recovery projects.

  • Security & Safety

    Operates in the 4.9GHz public safety spectrum to deliver sensitive data & communication over an AES-128 encrypted network that uses credential-based authentication.

  • Central Management

    To reduce time & costs, LigoWave offers the Infinity Controller, a proprietary solution for building, managing & monitoring LigoWave-based networks remotely from one place.

  • Complete Support

    LigoWave’s in-house support team is ready to help you with all network-related questions over live chat, e-mail or phone, ensuring that your disaster relief projects go smoothly.

  • Extended Warranty

    Reliability is a key focus in the design of LigoWave solutions. That’s why the base warranty on all products can be extended upon request up to a total of 3 years.

LigoWave Wireless Solutions for Disaster Recovery Are Used For…

IP-Based Communication

IP-Based Communication

Emergency/Public Wi-Fi

Emergency/Public Wi-Fi

Monitoring & Control

Monitoring & Control

Traffic Control & Digital Signage

Traffic Control & Digital Signage

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Moveable & Deployable ICT Resource Units

Moveable & Deployable ICT Resource Units

What Do Our Clients Say about LigoWave Wireless Solutions for Disaster Recovery?

Our MDRU project needed wireless solutions that would be adaptive & robust. LigoWave delivered both: measures like IP67 casing & class 4 surge protection help withstand extreme weather conditions, while features such as ATPC, channel selection & the iPoll/W-Jet proprietary protocols brought reliable connectivity, even on the go.

Diff Sigma Tech Inc

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Case Studies on LigoWave Wireless Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Movable & Deployable ICT Resource Unit
Diff Sigma Tech Inc collaborated with a number of companies & institutions in the Philippines to create a mobile ICT unit. It would be used to provide versatile communications as part of a disaster relief effort after earthquakes & typhoons. The project utilized LigoWave’s DLB & PTP devices, operating as backhaul links & hotspots.

Featured LigoWave Wireless Solutions for Disaster Relief

LigoPTP RapidFire

Wireless PTP Bridges for Heavy-Duty Applications in Disaster Relief Scenarios

LigoPTMP Series

Wireless PTMP Base Stations & Subscriber Units for Disaster Recovery Efforts

LigoDLB Series

Wireless Outdoor APs & CPE for Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Applications

NFT Series

Wireless Access Points for Small-to-Large Scale Emergency Wi-Fi Hotspot Applications

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