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WNMS Mobile

WNMS Mobile

WNMS Mobile

WNMS Mobile is an Android based client application for devices monitored by WNMS (Wireless Network Management System) server. WNMS Mobile is designed for network operating center coordinators, maintenance staff, and support engineers. It identifies network and node problems and can delegate a responsible person to resolve the issues quickly. This WNMS client program provides mobile convenience and also reduces the company’s operating expense. All standalone (Windows, Linux and Virtual machine) WNMS users must upgrade their server to the latest version. WNMS Cloud service users will be able to see the advantages of mobile application without performing any upgrades.

WNMS mobile version 1.0 does the following:

  • Lists the availability of networks and devices
  • Marks each device location on a map
  • Registers the devices into WNMS.
  • The program can read the coordinates from an Android device if necessary
  • Lists all devices’ alerts
  • Allows the ability to assign a task (ToDo) for a person
  • Notifies responsible person though push notification service when a task is assigned, reassigned, completed, or rejected
  • Provides flexible data filtering capabilities

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