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New Tech Partner

New Tech Partner

A new company is joining the ranks of LigoWave technological partners: Tanaza.

Tanaza offers Wi-Fi network management and social hotspot solutions for businesses. Their Wi-Fi guest access features a captive portal, an advanced analytics dashboard to collect customer insights, hotspot roaming, remote management capabilities, as well as a wide array of integrations and APIs.

LigoWave has been working closely with Tanaza’s team to ensure full compatibility between Tanaza’s Wi-Fi network software solutions and LigoWave’s NFT series of access points.

“Taking this extra step to collaborate with Tanaza ensures that our customers can enjoy smooth integration and full compatibility, while at the same time enabling partners to build reliable and versatile managed Wi-Fi solutions.” said Evaldas Vėlavičius, LigoWave’s Head of Sales in Europe.

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About Tanaza Technological Partners

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