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LigoWave Scam Alert

LigoWave Scam Alert

You may have recently received e-mails from unknown people introducing themselves as LigoWave representatives and asking to settle due payments or to provide financial information.

Know that these letters are a scam! Do not respond to them, click any links, or open files provided in them. Such letters are not sent from official LigoWave servers and nobody (other than your long-term LigoWave contact) will never get in touch with you regarding financial business matters!

If you have been contacted by suspicious people claiming to be LigoWave representatives, get in touch with your long-term LigoWave contact directly and notify them about it. Please also inform your financial office to stay alert with scam e-mails.

Because of these scammers, some of our communication now tends to get lost in the SPAM folder, so please make sure you whitelist the ligowave.com domain to continue receiving correspondence from us.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and business together with LigoWave.

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