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LigoWave Partners Up with Network Optix

LigoWave Partners Up with Network Optix

In early July, LigoWave has partnered up with Network Optix, a video management platform developer. This partnership will allow the two companies to collaborate on developing fully-optimized high-performance solutions for the booming video surveillance market.
Network Optix is a US-based company that develops video management platform. Network Optix is the team behind NX Witness VMS, a lightweight, but high-performance open NVR system designed to find, view, record video, NX Witness VMS includes simplified integration with third party systems and devices, detailed video analytics, automatic failover, and many other advanced features.
LigoWave is proud to collaborate with Network Optix —over 10 years of experience with wireless networking and its huge variety of reliable hardware and software solutions—namely the LigoDLB series and the Infinity Controller—make LigoWave a strong partner.
Steven Ho, the Sales and marketing director of LigoWave , says “by optimizing the way LigoWave’s DLB/PTMP Series and NX Witness VMS work together and building upon it with new features, we’ll be able to offer a solid set of products and strengthen our foothold in the video surveillance market”.
LigoWave and Network Optix will kick off their partnership by working on mutual platform integration, later moving to the development of specialized features and functions.

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