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LigoWave at Ekahau Webinar

LigoWave at Ekahau Webinar

LigoWave will be presenting on the To Mesh or Not to Mesh Webinar hosted by Ekahau later this month. Our very own Jason Hintersteiner, Business Development Director and CWNE #171, will be joining the Ekahau Team to discuss all things meshing. Tune in to hear about mesh technologies, their applications, practical designs, and more!
Date & Time: June 20, 2018, 11AM–12PM EDT.
  •  Overview of Mesh Technology (What Is it? How does it Work in   General?);
  •  The Limitations of Mesh (Drop in Throughput & Capacity/Why?)
  •  Practical Mesh Design Considerations and Applications
  •  Example: Mesh vs. Wiring in Private Homes/Small Offices
  •  Where is Mesh Going? (Mesh Devices for Home Applications, Unified   Mesh Protocol via the Wi-Fi Alliance)


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