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Hertfordshire police, UK

Hertfordshire police, UK

The Hertfordshire estate has recently suffered from prostitution, drugs, crime and vandalism. Local police needed to install the surveillance system so that it could monitor the crime scenes and detect the hiding or runaway places of the criminals. LigoWave’s devices were used for video surveillance system implementation.  Within the first 2 weeks the crime rate in the area has dropped by 30 %.

LigoPTP RapidFire devices were selected for the backbone of the network to ensure reliable video data transmission. LigoDLB devices were used in a point to multipoint scenario to transmit video data from the cameras. Proprietary communication protocol enhanced the overall network performance and reliability of communication. It increased throughput, packet per second rate and stabilized the network’s latency, making up for the absence of wired infrastructure.

Every entrance of the area was covered with the IP cameras. Over 30 LigoWave radios were installed on the site, which support over forty 720P cameras transmitting at 25 frames per second, which are monitored in a control centre with.

Customer feedback: LigoWave wireless devices solved our civil works workaround. We carried out and completed this installation in 3 weeks with maximum profit, reliability and availability. Due to the flexibility of LigoWave, we are constantly installing new cameras - Andrew McCullagh.



Location: Hertfordshire, UK

Client: Hertfordshire Police

Devices: LigoDLB 5–15, LigoDLB 5–90, LigoDLB Mach 5, LigoDLB 5 – 20, LigoPTP RapidFire 5

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