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Check Out the New NFT Blizzard Outdoor APs

Check Out the New NFT Blizzard Outdoor APs

LigoWave is launching two new APs under the NFT Series—the Blizzard 2ac-N & 2ac-90—for all of your outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot needs.

The new devices are designed as outdoor Wi-Fi solutions for campsites, hotel resorts, public parks, schools, & many other outside scenarios requiring reliable connectivity & high-level performance.

The NFT Blizzard includes all of the features that an outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot would ever need:
  • Data rates and connectivity capacity optimized to provide reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi to expansive areas and large crowds.
  • IP-rated device housing and carrier-grade surge protection making them more resilient to extreme environmental factors.
  • Smart device design featuring innovative mounting brackets and the Infinity Controller to simplify how you do Wi-Fi in your hotspot projects.
The new APs are already available for order. Contact your distributor to learn more & to order the Blizzard 2ac-N & 2ac-90.

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