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Anechoic Chamber Relocated to Vilnius University

Anechoic Chamber Relocated to Vilnius University

LigoWave is proud to announce that its anechoic chamber has been recently relocated to the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University. Anechoic Chamber is fully clothed with radiation absorbent material (RAM), has rotary positioners and high end network analyzer.

LigoWave aims to collaborate closer with Vilnius University’s brightest minds on new wireless technology development and research. The anechoic chamber is an amazing opportunity for the university’s scientists and students to conduct the research in reflection-loss noise free environment

The relocated anechoic chamber will not only empower LigoWave to develop more advanced wireless solutions for its global clientele, but will also serve as a gift to the local academic community with which LigoWave has worked together for many years now.

The grand opening included a music piece performed by the students of the Physics Faculty with the aim of showcasing the anechoic chamber.

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