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5 & 6GHz Solutions Webinar (Russian)

5 & 6GHz Solutions Webinar (Russian)

In mid November, LigoWave will be hosting a technical webinar (in Russian) focused on its DLB and PTP series of wireless 5GHz and 6GHz solutions for backhaul and last-mile applications.

The webinar will include several topics:

  • LigoWave Company Overview
  • LigoDLB & LigoPTP Solutions
  • The iPoll 3 Proprietary Protocol
  • PTP/PTMP Success Stories & Test Results
  • The 6GHz Generation: Overview & Test Results

Time & Date: 11AM Moscow Time, November 22

Language: Russian

Register now and join the webinar to learn everything that you need to know about LigoWave wireless solutions.


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