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Get your NFT 2ac for just $1USD!*

Get your NFT 2ac for just $1USD!*

Deploy and Enjoy. Infinitely.

Get your NFT 2ac for just $1USD!*

What better time than now to buy an Infinity device! LigoWave is kicking off a limited time sale of NFT 2ac wireless access points. LigoWave’s local distributors in Europe are giving customers a chance to buy a brand-new NFT 2ac device for just $1USD.

The NFT 2ac wireless access point is a powerful device created with simplicity in mind. It is designed to guarantee effortless deployment and ease of use, all the while providing results that exceed all expectations.

Users are also given a variety of operating modes and an arsenal of networking and marketing tools, making the NFT 2ac the definitive solution for any office or hotspot scenario. 

* or equivalent price in the appropriate currency

Promo Conditions

Buyers must be from Europe.

Buyers must register to be eligible to buy the NFT 2ac device at the promoted price. The registration link can be found below.

Buyers can only purchase one NFT 2ac device for the promoted price. Regular pricing will apply to all further purchases.

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