LigoWave strives to deliver the ultimate user experience and impeccable product functionality. As technologies continue to progress, certain hardware and software become obsolete and eventually discontinued to make room for newer and more advanced technical equipment. With its solid expertise and know-how within the field, LigoWave will help you through this transition.

Brief Overview

  • LigoWave will announce the end of life of a specific product via newsletter, website, and other channels 5 months prior to the fact. The announcement will include all of the relevant information, including the end of sale and the end of technical support dates.
  • End of Software Maintenance. The LigoWave Support Team will continue to provide software maintenance and release critical bug fixes for 2 years after the announcement. After this date, the LigoWave technical support team will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.
  • Last Date of Support. The LigoWave Team will continue to provide technical support for the discontinued products for 3 years after the announcement. After this date, all support services for the product will no longer be available.