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Smart City & City-Wide Wi-Fi Solutions

Get LigoWave for any smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi project: internet access & localized IoT network infrastructure solutions with easy-to-use design, <1% RMA rate, & dedicated support.

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What Are Your Smart City & City-Wide Wi-Fi Project Requirements?

  • IoT-Based City Services

    Does your project need network infrastructure designed to support localized digital services such as smart parking, digital kiosks & interactive tourism for residents, students & tourists?

  • Reduced Digital Divide

    Is the aim of your Wi-Fi project to implement a cost-effective city-wide internet access solution to lower the threshold for entry online in low-income housing?

  • Easy Upgrade

    Landed a project that aims to replace or upgrade existing smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi network infrastructure, thus requiring a fast to set up & easy to use solution?

  • City-Wide Internet Access

    In need of a Wi-Fi solution to guarantee that residents & guests stay connected while commuting, working, communicating, or taking a break in the city?

  • Infrastructure Management

    Does your smart city plan involve network infrastructure for automating utilities like city lighting, waste collection & water pipe spillage detection using wireless-enabled sensors?

  • Compliance to Standards

    Does your smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi project need network infrastructure that complies with national & international standards for health, safety & the environment?

How Does LigoWave Ensure the Success of Your Smart City & City-Wide Wi-Fi Project?

LigoWave’s got you covered with simple, reliable & scalable wireless network solutions designed with smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi applications in mind.

  • Designed for Smart Cities

    LigoWave offers a Wi-Fi hotspot & localized IoT-based city service platform as an aggregate data collector solution to deliver more coverage & throughput to 100+ devices per AP.

  • Effortless Upgrade & Migration

    Upgrading an existing network? LigoWave delivers automated & simplified wireless solutions that save time & money on upgrading & migrating network infrastructure.

  • Optimized for Budget Projects

    LigoWave provides Easy Mesh, Zero-Touch, Plug&Play & the Infinity Controller to save time & money on setup, configuration & maintenance compared to wired projects.

  • Certified & Professional

    LigoWave manufactures internationally-certified, IP-rated & surge-protected wireless network devices with RMA rates under 1% at its own manufacturing plant.

  • Safe Public Wi-Fi Networks

    LigoWave uses AES-128 data encryption, virtual SSIDs & credential-based logins to ensure the security of all user devices & localized IoT infrastructure against public-access Wi-Fi threats.

  • Value-Added Service

    LigoWave’s got you covered with client-tailored solutions & dedicated tech support to help you with everything from customized network design & setup to specialized device training.

What Do Clients Think of LigoWave’s Smart City & City-Wide Wi-Fi Solutions?

We use wireless Wi-Fi solutions to connect the equipment and infrastructure found in our managed parking lots, if there is no feasible way of doing so using wired solutions. Because we needed a solution that would be as reliable and powerful as a wired network, we chose LigoWave wireless devices.

— Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania

Want to guarantee the success of your wireless smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi projects? Get in touch with LigoWave now!

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Unipark Smart Parking Solutions, Lithuania

Unipark Smart Parking Solutions needed an alternative to wired networking in one of their managed parking lots in order to interconnect the parking equipment. LigoWave provided a set of reliable and powerful wireless devices to meet the demands of the current parking infrastructure and solutions.

Waldkirch Smart City Wi-Fi, Germany

Waldkirch, a town in Germany, has set up a smart city Wi-Fi network based on SMS authentication using LigoWave’s 5GHz equipment. The Waldkirch swimming pool, city hall & other public buildings now provide free & unrestricted access to the internet for its citizens and town guests alike.

Why Choose LigoWave for Your Smart City & City-Wide Wi-Fi Projects?

Ensuring Security

Ensuring Security

Don’t become yet another unsecured public Wi-Fi network—make Wi-Fi safe again! Use LigoWave hotspots to guarantee secure & private surfing with AES-128 data encryption & credential-based guest access.

Ensuring Reliability

Ensuring Reliability

Want your smart city to be prepared for city festivals & large gatherings? Deploy LigoWave, a high-power solution designed to withstand capacity-demanding & high-density scenarios.

Ensuring Simplicity

Ensuring Simplicity

A network as big as a city is naturally complex—keep it simple with LigoWave: preconfigured hotspot scenario, Infinity Controller network management platform & guest access functionality.

Need a secure, reliable & cost-efficient solution for your smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi project? LigoWave’s got you covered—contact us now!

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