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Case Study

PacificNet RapidFire, Mexico

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PacificNet is a wireless internet service provider, wireless equipment distributor, & LigoWave partner operating in Sinaloa, Mexico. It currently has over 300 business clients—many of them have been loyal customers for almost two decades.


In collaboration with the Civil Association of Agricultural Producers (A.U.P.A. el Grande A.C.), PacificNet was tasked with modernizing local farms. The WISP needed to build a wireless link for providing internet services to one of the farms & was thus in search of a solution to fit the scenario.


PacificNet took part in the RapidFire 5-N beta testing & set up a 24km link to the farm. The RapidFire seemed like an appropriate solution for the scenario because of its IP67-rated housing & performance specs to deliver over 700Mbps over distances exceeding 50 kilometers.


The RapidFire 5-N, connected to a dish antenna, delivered ~350Mbps with more than 108,000 packets per second over an 80MHz channel. Signal levels were around –65dBm. The RapidFire was not set to operate at full capacity as the conditions did not require it, but there is an option to do so for increased throughput.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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